Question: The Walk With Christ Community has received several inquiries from individuals and other Walk to Emmaus communities as to why our community separated itself from the Upper Room Walk to Emmaus organization.

Answer: Beginning in 2000, our Board of Directors (Secretariat) received a letter from the Upper Room Walk to Emmaus organization in Nashville, Tennessee, notifying us that we could not be associated with their organization if we did not follow their exact model for the Walk to Emmaus weekend. Over the ensuing years, our Secretariat members did everything in their power to maintain a positive working relationship with the Upper Room. However, there were several traditions that have been a part of the Eastern Washington Walk to Emmaus weekends that came from our Cursillo roots. Because these events during the weekend were an important part of the spiritual renewal retreat, our community was unwilling to remove them in order to follow the model of the Upper Room. It became evident that unless we followed the exact model from Nashville, we would not be allowed to continue our association with them. The Secretariat voted to have our community voice its opinion as to whether we should change the model to match the Upper Rooms weekend or separate into our own identity and maintain the local flavors of our Walk weekends. By an overwhelming majority, our 6000+ member community voted to break our association with the Upper Room and form our own entity which was completed in December of 2006.

In October of 2007, the Upper Room Walk to Emmaus organization sent us a registered letter informing us that we would be sued for copyright infringement if we continued to use the name Walk to Emmaus in conjunction with a three day spiritual renewal retreat. In its November meeting, the Secretariat voted to change our name from Eastern Washington Walk to Emmaus to The Walk With Christ. Today our three day spiritual renewal retreat continues through the model and traditions that we once knew as Eastern Washington Walk to Emmaus. Only our name has changed, not the intent or content of the weekend itself.

Question: What is the significance of “Closing Date” on the Schedule page?

Answer: The Closing Date is the deadline for candidate applications to be turned in to the Candidate Registrar in order for them to be included in the Walk. Applications will be accepted until the Closing Date or until the Walk is full, whichever comes first.

If you have further questions in regards to this issue, please e-mail “the President of the Secretariat of The Walk With Christ”

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