What Happens After A Walk

As those who attend The Walk With Christ weekend go back to his/her everyday lives (their Fourth Day) they seek to build up the Body of Christ in their local church and in other ministries, sharing what they have received throughout the weekend. Each one seeks to glorify God in every area of his/her life by being Christ to all they are in contact with; at home, at work, in their communities and their churches.


Participants are urged to meet in small groups weekly to support and challenge one another in a daily walk with the living Christ, and to continue to build on what God began during the walk weekend. They urge one another to be faithful in their Christian walk and live by God’s grace, all the while growing in the servant attitude Jesus Christ asks of His own. Some of these groups not only provide personal support to each other, but minister together where needed.

The primary mission of the weekend walk is to gird up the local church by sending back workers who are willing to be loving servants used by God to strengthen His church. Having experienced a walk for themselves, each person is encouraged to continue the growth started on the weekend by working on subsequent walks to make the weekend possible for others. By serving in the kitchen, setting up rooms, cleaning bathrooms, preparing the worship center, praying for candidates and the team, or committing to the weekend preparation, we share the blessing with future participants on walk weekends. In this way, individuals learn to lead small groups, they learn to share their own faith, speaking before groups, and using their special gifts in concert with the gifts of others as members of one Body. This time of serving provides renewal, fellowship and fun while fostering maturity in our lives, thus strengthening us as we experience His love being poured out to us as His children. Serving on a weekend walk allows us to focus on blessing others, while at the same time receiving the overflow of His love to us as we love and serve Him.