What Happens On A Walk

The weekend centers around a group of talks by lay persons and clergy that focus on the essentials of the life of a disciple of Jesus Christ. The messages progress from the priorities in our lives, through the essentials of the life of a disciple of Jesus, to the amazing grace and love the Father demonstrated in the atoning sacrifice of His Son. The talks include spiritual guidelines for our lives as we are the hands and heart of Christ to a hostile world. There is opportunity for prayer, along with worship and singing; communion is celebrated daily under the direction of clergy, and group discussion and other fun activities blend together to make the weekend a time of learning, worshiping, and building relationships. After every talk there is time for silent reflection and discussion, and usually a creative activity intended for group interaction.

Each day includes break times and snacks. Those who help make each Walk happen immerse the three days in prayer and sacrificial love. But the essence of God’s blessing can’t be fully described as He touches lives over the three days, pouring out His love on all who participate.


Each of the three days has a focus with day one focusing on God and our relationship with Him as He has reached out to us and we have responded. Day two’s focus is Jesus Christ Himself, His sacrificial love, and each disciple’s response to God’s grace as it is embodied in selfless love among His community of believers. Day three focuses on the Holy Spirit and His call to live as an active member of the Body of Christ as we serve in our church and our community with the certain hope of God’s continuing intervention in our world. These three days lead to our Fourth Day, which is the rest of our life as we walk with one another and maintain a lifestyle of prayer, study and service.