Is The Walk For Me?

...and should I sponsor someone

The Walk With Christ is designed for active church members, age 21 or older, with a vital faith in Jesus Christ who never tire of rekindling their faith and renewing their spiritual vision. Those who are less active in their faith life, but who wish to grow in Christ or discover deeper truths, and who want to build the church in love would also enjoy a Walk weekend. The TWWC weekend is not intended for those who do not know Christ as Savior, and does not consider itself an evangelistic outreach. The Lord always works in wonderful ways on a Walk weekend and lives are always touched and changed, but it is not a physical healing ministry, nor a place for marriage counseling, or therapy for those with emotional or social dysfunction or illness. It is not intended to be a time to work through grief or psychological problems, as those present are not trained for personal or group therapy. If you tend toward preoccupation with working through personal dilemmas, you should seek counseling from professionals, and wait to go on a Walk weekend when you are freer to focus on the message of the Walk. Those living in willful    (i.e., unrepentant) disobedience to God’s Word are precluded from participating in Walk events, as the Walk is not oriented toward reproof and correction of such behavior.*

TWWC considers itself in the mainstream of evangelical faith. The Walk content assumes and builds on a belief in the basics of the Christian faith, the core of which is a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as redeemer. There is room for a wide variety of personalities who seek growth in Christ on a Walk weekend. Our common meeting ground is the cross of Christ, and we seek to build relationships with one another, and in the church, holding fast to the Biblical faith in God through Jesus Christ. There is no room for theological debate or argument about denominations; rather there is an atmosphere of appreciation and love for one another, and a striving toward unity and tolerance with charity toward others of the family of God.


The Walk weekend is relaxing, uplifting, and fun while at the same time intense. Don’t bring work with you from your job, and don’t plan to take time off to read. The weekend is completely full, and you will lose all track of time. Plan to open your heart and your hands, and Christ will fill them. Pray to meet with Jesus, to walk with Him, to talk with Him, and to be changed forever by Him.

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