What is TWWC

The Walk With Christ is a ministry that offers a weekend retreat designed to strengthen local Christian churches. This is accomplished by training Christian men and women to become better disciples and leaders in their churches, their homes, workplaces and communities.


TWWC is a three-day experience where individuals are cloistered from the world and participate in a short course, in-depth study of Christianity. The Walk begins on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday evening. Men and women attend separate weekends, usually two weeks apart, but with the same format. Participants hear messages by lay members and clergy that are centered on God’s grace, Christian discipleship and what it means to be part of the Body of Christ through the local church. There are times of worship, communion, music and group discussions. Those who organize and work during the weekend are members of the TWWC Community who have previously attended a walk weekend. They provide the meals, pray continually, and sacrificially give of themselves as a reflection of Christ’s love.

The hope for TWWC weekend is that it will stimulate church members in new commitment to Christ. The weekend is intended to express the love of Christ in such a way that those who attend wish to pass on that love having been refreshed in their relationship with God in Christ. The imagery of walking the road to Emmaus is used to deepen and rekindle their relationship with Jesus, bringing new grace and compassion to their lives.


The weekend is much more than just a “retreat.” It is a powerful Christian ministry that has changed countless lives by deepening individuals’ faith, and thereby strengthening the churches where they serve. By attending a Walk, thousands of Christians throughout Washington, Northeastern Oregon and Northern Idaho have experienced Jesus as the two disciples did on the road to Emmaus. The Walk With Christ has changed their lives immeasurably.


One of the most enriching things TWWC offers is a focus on the unity of all Christians in the body of Christ. In 2006 The Walk With Christ community became independent from the Upper Room Walk to Emmaus organization, becoming their own non-profit organization in the State of Washington. Despite being an independent Walk weekend, neither the original Eastern Washington Walk to Emmaus model, nor the governance by a Secretariat have changed. An Overseers Committee was added, and the bylaws were strengthened to maintain the integrity of the weekend model and its continuity. God continues to use TWWC in the lives of all who attend and serve on Walk weekends.