Communion by Clown

Clown Community Overview

The purpose of the Clown Community committee is to encourage new clown ministry members, provide guidance and training, and to be a liaison between community clowns and the Secretariat.


Contact: Dean Logsdon (509) 994-2224

Clowns Willing to Serve

We have 10 clowns willing to serve men and/or women Walks:

    • Clay, Coco D Klutz, Gideon
    • Gracie, Hawkshaw the Hobo
    • Lenny, New Heart
    • Oochee, The Lady & Wesley.

We Will Provide

We will provide only the bread (contains gluten). Wine and juice to be provided by the sacristan. Gluten-free elements (bread or wafer; juice and/or wine) are to be provided by the sacristan.


We appreciate being prayed for before and after serving.

What We Need From Others

We will need others to operate sound system or CD player for our music and to serve the elements so we are able to hand out nails to participants (for those of us who do) after they have received Communion elements.

Most clowns are available to serve on Journey With Christ weekends or other occasions.

pdf icon Advocate Members (also see Bylaws, Appendix A)
pdf icon Clown Contacts (also see Bylaws, Appendix F)
pdf icon Clown Walk Coordination (also see Bylaws, Appendix G)