Echoes From The Saints

From Spain to The Walk With Christ – Click Here for Our History

CLICK HERE to read 2nd paragraph of Episcopal Diocese of Spokane’s Friday, November 2, 1979, newsletter, El Pio.
It announced the Cursillo Outreach weekends at Pioneer United Methodist Church in Walla Walla, Washington
and those participating at the time the newsletter was published (candidates & team members).
This was the beginning of what we know today as The Walk With Christ.
In case you’re curious, El Pio is Spanish for the sound made by a baby chick: peep or cheep.

Talks Given – Some Titles Have Changed – They were originally called Rollos (Spanish for Talks).

The Marriage talk is no longer one of our talks – that changed about 25 years ago. The Meditation talk was deleted, but has returned as the Prayer and Meditation talk. In the earliest years, a Rosary was given to each Pilgrim at the conclusion of the Meditation talk. Before it was known as the Pilgrims’ Inn, it was known as the Rollo Room. The Spanish spelling for Closura is Clausura. Directors were known as Rectors and Directoras were known as Rectoras.